Verizon Max Launches Today for Unlimited Data Users Only – $30 for 6GB of Data

August 26, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Last week we learned about Verizon’s new trap plan for getting all of the unlimited data users on their network onto their tiered data plans. That was Verizon Max, which has launched today, along side the Verizon Edge program which allows you to upgrade your phone early. Verizon Max is basically a new program that will allow you to switch from Unlimited Data to a 6GB data plan for the same price. Now if you’ve checked out Verizon’s current plans for new customers, this looks like a great deal. Considering new customers would be paying $80 for that same plan that unlimited data users would be paying $30 for.

Now many of the folks over at Droid-Life still have an unlimited data account with Verizon, so they could check out the Verizon Maxx offerings. They chose the HTC One to upgrade too, then got a message saying that the unlimited data plan is no longer available and that you’ll be upgraded to the Verizon Max 6GB plan. But once you hit OK, you can see the full breakdown of Verizon Max choices. There is also an 8GB plan which is $50, which also has tethering included. While the 6GB does not include tethering.


Of course when you make any changes to your account, you’ll see a confirmation screen that confirms you dropping your unlimited data and going over to the Verizon Max plans. It’s going to be interesting to see how many unlimited data users actually switch over to Verizon Max. I have a feeling that many that are holding onto their unlimited data, won’t be switching, as they use much more than 6GB of data per month. Also the part about not having to worry how much data you’re using. That’s the main reason why I love the unlimited data plan. I don’t have to worry about downloading apps on cellular data connections.


Do we have any readers that are currently on Verizon’s unlimited data plans? Are any of you planning to switch over to the Verizon Max plans?