Verizon HTC One Bootloader Can Be Unlocked Using The HTCdev Website, For Now

August 22, 2013 - Written By Jeremiah Nelson

The HTC One on Verizon is available as of today. It’s about time! HTC’s current flagship is one of the best phones on the market right now. If you like to modify your Android device and have already purchased a Verizon HTC One or you are looking to get one soon, we have some good news for you. At least for now, the bootloader on Verizon’s version of the HTC One is unlockable using the HTCdev website.

There are at least three users over on XDA Forums that have been able to unlock their bootloaders using the HTCdev site. This may be a temporary situation, though. In the past, Verizon HTC devices that were unlockable on have been removed pretty quickly. Verizon has the reputation for being unfriendly to Android developers and tinkerers for a good reason. For now, though, you can take your shiny new Verizon HTC One over the HTCdev site if you want to unlock the bootloader. You just have to follow the steps that are laid out in the bootloader unlock tool, and you’ll be done in no time.

Keep in mind that the HTCdev website only unlocks the bootloader, it does not provide you with full S-OFF. That means that you will be able to flash custom ROMs and tinker, but won’t have the full access that S-OFF provides. For most of us, S-OFF is not necessary. If all you want to do is get rid of HTC Sense and flash an AOSP-based ROM like CyanogenMod, this will get you there.

Even though we’ve been able to use HTCdev to unlock bootloaders on Verizon phones in the past, this is still a big deal. HTCdev does not normally work on the locked-down smartphones that U.S. wireless carriers release. And because Verizon wants to keep their network protected (by which we mean restricted) this unlock method may not be available for very long. We recommend taking advantage of it as soon as you possibly can, just in case.

Did you pick up an HTC One from Verizon today? Are you planning on using HTCdev to unlock the bootloader? Let us know in the comments if this method works for you.