Upright Desktop Dock Surfaces for Moto X; Made by Griffin Once More

August 16, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

The Moto X is certainly not a device that you would call a powerhouse but, as we all know by now Motorola is pushing the overall experience of the device instead of raw power. We can’t fault them either, as they’re one of the few companies to do it on this scale. Not only can you customize the hell out of your own Moto X but, there are also a whole host of accessories on offer. From earphones to cases, the Moto X has an impressive portfolio of accessories for a device that hasn’t even gone on general sale yet. We can add one more to this list, as Motorola has unveiled yet another dock for the device. This time around we’re looking at a desktop dock, again made by Griffin.

This is a $39.95 dock that you can buy from Motorola and while it’s nothing too fancy, it will allow you to use the dock when your phone is a case up to 2mm thick. Which is pretty nice to say the least, especially if you wanted to protect your Moto X. It’s a dock, there’s not too much more we can say about it but, it is great to see Motorola providing accessories for pretty much every occasion. Just like the car dock, this one is made by Griffin, and hopefully that means quality construction.


As many of you die-hard Android users will know, accessories haven’t been anywhere near as common as we’d like them to be. When we look at the Nexus line of devices alone, the accessory department has always been pretty scant. Thankfully, Motorola has realized that accessories might be trivial but that they do matter. Samsung has been doing this for some time now and they sell a whole range of first-party accessories that are pretty popular.

It’s still going to be a long time before any Android device can match the same sort of accessory portfolio as the iPhone but, we’re certainly getting there.