Update Heading out to the Nexus 4 Now – Build JWR66Y still Android 4.3


The folks over at T-Mobile support have just posted a new update for the Nexus 4 that's on its way. It's a brand new build of Android 4.3 which should be popping up any day now. The build is JWR66Y which is slightly different from the JWR66V build that rolled out a few weeks ago. Currently the only improvement in which T-Mobile lists is "security", so more than likely this is a very minor update. In fact, it doesn't even appear to be big enough to be Android 4.3.1 yet. Not to mention the change from "V" to "Y" in the build as an indicator of it being an incredibly minor update.

The update should start rolling out today. We'll be sure to post a zip file so you can update as soon as we get our hands on one. The update is just 1.8MB in size, so another reason to believe this is a small update. The update will probably be rolling out in a staged rollout, as expected. To check for updates:

  • Go into Settings
  • Tap on 'About Phone'
  • Tap on 'System Updates'
  • Tap on 'Check for Update'

It's just that easy to check for updates for the Nexus 4. Remember if you're rooted and/or running a custom ROM, you won't be able to flash this update. You'll need to be completely stock and unrooted to be able to pull down this update. So if you are indeed on a custom ROM, you'll probably see these changes in a new build of your ROM later this week, depending on when the new code hits AOSP. Right now, I'm running Paranoid Android, so I won't be getting the update. But I'm sure we'll see version 3.98 of Paranoid Android coming out really soon. Same goes for CyanogenMod and many of the other ROMs out there that we all enjoy flashing and using.

How many of you with the Nexus 4 are excited to see another update your device? If you've already received the update, be sure to let us know in the comments below.