Unlocked Version of LG G2 Already Up for Pre-Order


The Motorola X may have stolen a bit of the LG G2's thunder with its extremely hyped release, but that certainly hasn't slowed the release of LG's new flagship. The folks over at Negri Electronics already have an unlocked version of the G2 up for pre-order on their website. The phone is available for GSM carriers like T-Mobile or AT&T, or basically any carrier outside of the US and will ship next month on the 27th. The built in LTE includes radios compatible with all the new spectrum goodness being rolled out by T-mobile and AT&t.

The 32 GB version in black or white will cost only $620. An excellent deal, even if LG's bloat knocks the true storage down to 24GB. For comparison the Moto X comes in at $630. The difference is especially stark when comparing the specs of the recently announced flagships. For a slightly lower price you get a better screen, significantly faster processor and better camera. The X is supposedly going to the war on specs, but it could be difficult to sell an X over a G2 at similar price points. It is far easier for salesmen to sell the idea of a quad core processor than it is for them to actually demonstrate the effectiveness of the great hardware optimization possessed by the X.

Two things are necessary to sell a lot of smartphones; a great phone, and an even greater brand. Unless of course you're Apple, then your brand can sell itself. LG's brand prestige has been steadily increasing with the release of excellent phones like Nexus 4 and the Optimus G Pro and the G2 looks like it may be just the phone LG has needed for a long time.


Unfortunately for LG, the G2 is releasing at a time where the market has been flooded with more great phones than ever before. Already amazing competitors exist like the HTC One and Galaxy S4. By the time the end of September rolls around the X will be out, rumors will be crazy for the next Nexus phone and the Note 3. On top of that the iPhone 5s will be out along with its apparently cheaper sibling the 5c. While I'm no fan of Apple I don't doubt they will move a lot of plastic. (Spoiler alert, they won't call it plastic)

What do you think? Does the G2 really stand a chance in the increasingly competitive smartphone market? Let us know in the comments below and go join the conversation over on Google Plus!

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