The Moto X isn't Coming to the UK or Europe but "There Are Devices Coming to Europe"

moto x 28


To our European and UK readers, take a look at the above selection of Moto X devices. Do you like them? Well, don’t go and get your hopes up because the Moto X doesn’t appear to be leaving the US any time soon, if at all. Motorola may have announced the device with more availability in the US than most smartphones ever see in their life span but, it’s not looking good for a European release.

Speaking to Pocket-Lint a UK representative had the following to say on the matter:

“It doesn’t mean that Europe is not a key priority for Motorola. Essentially, the Moto X is the first device in a new product portfolio, basically a new family of devices. Because it is the first one, the Moto X has had a real buzz around it, but the US launch is not about the US being Motorola’s priority at all, there are devices coming to Europe. We can’t share what they are as of yet, but they are from the same family. They are cool and they are exciting and there is a lot in Europe coming up.”

To us, that sounds like pretty definitive language; the Moto X is not coming to Europe, or even the UK. As a UK and European resident myself, I’m a little disappointed but, it’s hardly surprising when you think about it. When it comes to the UK, a quality device such as this hasn’t launched in the UK since the Droid RAZR, which was marketed as the “RAZR”. Devices like the Defy and the Defy+ have launched in the UK, and the Milestone did come to Europe but other than that, Motorola has always been somewhat absent in Europe.

It’s good to hear that Motorola has plans for Europe and the UK, let alone devices in the pipeline but, it does strike us as odd to spend all that money developing the Moto X and the myriad of options to go with it, to then launch it in only one market. Even if that market is the largest smartphone market in the world. We want to hear from the Brits and the Europeans in the comments below – do you think Motorola will ever bring something good to Europe?