The HOT Smart Watch Looks To Take On Pebble, Sony, With Gesture Controls And More


Wearable technology is at the forefront of the consumer tech world right now. Several companies are making glasses to compete with Google Glass, and there are a slew of smartwatch makers. Big name manufacturers like Sony, Motorola, and Samsung have already released or are currently preparing smartwatch offerings. Then there are the Kickstarter projects like Pebble that leapt in to the fray. The HOT Watch looks to be the new, hot smartwatch.

The HOT Smart Watch from PH Technical Labs was launched on Kickstarter on July 31st with a goal of $150,000. It hit that goal within a single day. As of this morning, the project has already received $228,616 in funding. People want a smartwatch that is done right, and the HOT Watch could be that and more.


hot watch answering call

The HOT Watch aims to bring more interaction to users. You'll be able to use the smartwatch to not just receive notifications and read messages, but also respond to messages. The watch is going to support email, SMS, and social networking apps. It will display weather, news, stock market information, and calendar appointments. People who enjoy walking or running can use the built in pedometer to track steps, use the watch as a timer, and control music right from their wrists. Phone support is there as well, but users can do more than just screen calls. You will be able to answer calls as well, using the built in speakerphone. An even cooler option is cupping your hand over your ear to talk on the phone. This is a true Dick Tracy watch.

hot watch


The watch will support gesture controls, too. Users will only need to move their hand up to their ear to answer an incoming call. Calls can be sent to voicemail by just shaking your hand. Muting a call is as simple as moving your hand away from your ear and dropping it to your side. There is a whole list of gesture controls listed on the HOT Watch Kickstarter page.


  • Handle functions of the watch with quick gestures(can be optionally turned off).  Default gestures are:
  • Answer Call: Move hand to ear during incoming call
  • Dial Out Menu: Move hand to ear when there is no incoming call
  • Reject Call: Shake hand during incoming call
  • Mute Call: Drop hand during conversation
  • End Call: Wave goodbye during conversation
  • Dial Favorite Number: Knock twice
  • LED Backlight: Twist hand to "read" position
  • Fall Down: Automatically text emergency number (you can cancel within 30 seconds)


  • Unlock and Menu: Write " U " on screen
  • Unlock and Dial:  Write " D " on screen
  • Unlock and SMS: Write " S " on screen
  • Unlock and Clock: Write "C" on screen
  • Unlock and Apps: Write "A" on screen


  • 5 shortcuts to app screens with one easy touch.   Fully customizable, but by default:
  • Press icon 1 for local weather, stock update, and a second city time.
  • Press icon 2 for next meeting or alarm, number of calories burned today and distance walked.
  • Press icon 3 for text messages and Facebook notifications.
  • Press icon 4 for a customized news feed.
  • Press Power button for dial face.

 hot watch

The watch will come in a broad range of design options, which is a nice added touch. The HOT Watch will require a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone in order to work. It uses an e-ink display, like the Pebble watch, which should prolong battery life. There will also be an SDK, so developers can add HOT Watch support to their apps and even create custom apps. The feature list is pretty significant without any third-party support yet. Once the developer community gets on board, this watch could be amazing.



  • Private calls amplified by the palm of your hand
  • Speakerphone
  • Voice activated calling and other phone control using your phone's native voice recognition such as iPhone SIRI
  • Receive and reply to Messages (SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Music player remote control (for your phone's native player)
  • Multiple dial faces
  • Automatic fast contacts sync
  • Caller ID
  • Audible and silent vibrating alarms and alerts
  • Pedometer: Record running, walking, steps climbed, calories burned
  • Fall detection with automatic text to emergency number (unless cancelled in 30 seconds)
  • LED illumination
  • Note capture: captures your handwriting on the watch face
  • Tactile vibration feedback
  • HOT Proximity Alerts: Never leave your phone behind and prevent theft
  • Find your phone with remote beep
  • Built-in LED Flashlight (ONLY in Curve)
  • Water Resistant
  • Multi-touch projected capacitive screen (Skim finger above glass to change screens)

If the HOT Watch has peaked your interest, you can get in on the action starting at a mere $109. That's $40 less that the Pebble costs at Best Buy locations. You still have 36 left to back the project and get on the list of early adopters. HOT Watches should begin shipping before Christmas this year. You can find the Kickstarter page here.