T-Mobile USA CEO Brags about the "UNcarrier Revolution"

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We knew when John Legere, the new CEO of T-Mobile USA, announced his new UNcarrier strategy that it would shake up the industry. But his “balls to the wall” mentality has really shocked us. Not to mention all the foul language used in his press events so far this year. Then the fact he created his own Twitter account at which he responds to customers and also flames his competitors like AT&T and Verizon. Poor Sprint isn’t even included.

After T-Mobile announced they added 1.1 million new subscribers in Q2 on Thursday, Legere was on an interview with CNBC last night, where he bragged about T-Mobile USA starting an “uncarrier revolution” with initiatives to ditch two-year service agreements for smartphone purchases and shrink the time that customers get to upgrade their phones from 2 years to just 6 months.

Legere said “T-Mobile has really struck a chord on the uncarrier proposal to customers and ‘uncarrier Phase 3’ is coming right around the corner. Customers are completely unsatisfied with the other carriers.” In the same interview, Legere also took another shot at AT&T. But who didn’t see that coming? AT&T has become his favorite punching bag since becoming CEO of T-Mobile USA. Legere claimed that T-Mobile was taking customers away from AT&T, which he said is in “complete fight-back mode” at the moment. AT&T did add 551,000 postpaid subscribers in Q2, while posting a postpaid churn rate of just over 1%. So it doesn’t seem like T-Mobile is taking tons of customers away from AT&T….at least not yet.

It’s funny how Legere says that AT&T customers are “completely unsatisfied” with AT&T, when a survey recently showed that AT&T had the best customer service satisfaction while T-Mobile had the worst. But I have a feeling that’s changing pretty quickly. We all already know that T-Mobile’s social media team is always on top of things. Tag them on Google+ or Twitter and you get a response very quickly. Sometimes quicker than calling them.

T-Mobile has definitely shaken up the industry, but they still have more work to be done. Everyone can still throw that “T-Mobile has bad coverage in my area” argument. Which is true in some areas. So I’m hoping that UNcarrier Phase 3 features coverage enhancements. I know coverage has greatly increased in my area since I switched to T-Mobile last November.