Straight Talk is Finally Stocking AT&T-Compatible SIM Cards Again….Well Sort Of

straight talk sims

You may remember earlier this year when Straight Talk stopped stocking AT&T-compatible SIM cards and you were stuck with purchasing a T-Mobile SIM card. We had many different theories as to why AT&T SIM cards were no longer available. For example, AT&T wants to charge Straight Talk more for using their towers. Which could be true, we still don’t know the full story.

Anyways. Straight Talk now has AT&T-Compatible SIM cards again. Well sort of. If you go to Straight Talk’s website and select a SIM, it’ll then ask you to input you zip code, which is normal. Depending on your area, it’ll show up with AT&T, T-Mobile or both. It appears that Straight Talk is preferring T-Mobile over AT&T SIMs, but in my area it’s only allowing me to choose an AT&T compatible SIM card. Which is surprising since I have better signal from T-Mobile than AT&T.

SIM cards still cost $14.99 from Straight Talk, which is pretty expensive considering my SIM card from T-Mobile cost me about $0.99. But you’ll definitely save the money on your monthly bill since Straight Talk is $45/month for unlimited everything. Even though there’s been talk about how Straight Talk’s unlimited data isn’t really unlimited. We still don’t have an exact cap for their data plans. But we believe it’s around 2-5GB. Since that’s about what everyone hits before they get throttled or data completely shut off.

What’s interesting is that Straight Talk doesn’t offer nano SIM cards. Which is what the Moto X, G2 and iPhones all use. Which means you’ll need to cut your SIM card or get one from another MVNO or carrier, unfortunately. Hopefully Straight Talk will get some nano SIM cards in soon to go with their full sized SIM cards and micro SIM cards. Especially with MVNO’s like Straight Talk becoming very popular as of late, especially with the launch of the Nexus 4 last year and the new Nexus phone coming in another month or two.

How many of our readers are using Straight Talk? How are you liking the service from Straight Talk? Have you ever been throttled or data cut off? Let us know your experience in the comments below.