Some Xperia Z Ultra Users Are Reporting Issues With Its Massive Display

sony xperia z ultra 1

Sony released the monster-sized Xperia Z Ultra a couple of weeks ago and the giant 6.4-inch Full HD display has been praised as one of the best 1080p displays on the market today. Obviously Sony realized that with a screen that big, it needed to be the best if the device was going to have a chance at success. It seems to be working and there are a lot of people out there who are carrying Z Ultras in their pockets, or wherever they can fit it. How do we know that there are a lot of people carrying it? Well, it turns out that a fair amount of them are complaining that the screen is defective and it’s not turning on when pressing the power button as it normally does. Some of these users have taken to YouTube to demonstrate the issue with others showing the display with green vertical lines all over it.

As Xperia Blog is saying, the issue appears to be purely a software one, since the backlight turns on normally and Android is still running in the background. If the power button is pressed enough times, the screen eventually turns on. One user reported that he had to press anywhere from 5 to 150 times before the screen comes on.

There have been reports that the latest update, which brings the device to firmware version 14.1.B.0.475, solves the issue but, the fact that other people are saying that the issue still exists proves that the issue can’t be put to bed just yet. I’m sure Sony’s working on it since they probably don’t want their latest device suffering from such a big issue. Hopefully they’ll find the solution soon and people can enjoy their phones normally once again.

In the videos below you can see how the issue appears to be completely random, some times the backlight comes on, and at others it shows the green lines and sometimes it turns on normally, doing nothing but pressing the power button.

Here’s a bunch of videos if you want to check out some crazy screens and some very disappointed users: