Samsung's Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Could Be a Samsung-exclusive Device



We've been hearing a lot about Samsung's upcoming smartwatch and now, it looks like some more details have come in. While the general idea of a smartwatch is to provide some of the uses of a smartphone away from your wrist, Samsung will be sure to offer something nobody else has to offer. Over at Gigaom they've learnt a little more about the device from their sources. They've been able to confirm a few things, as well as offer up some new info as well. If anything, it's beginning to look like the Galaxy Gear might be one of Samsung's first steps away from Google.


First of all, the hardware of the device has been detailed a little more and it looks like rumors of the device's specs were on the money. We had heard rumors that the Galaxy Gear is going to feature an Exynos 4212 and a 320 x 320 display resolution. Those specs seem to be right and apparently, the display size on the watch is going to be 2.5-inches diagonally. For all intents and purposes, the Galaxy Gear contains the same sort of specs you might see in a budget Android smartphone. NFC is rumored to be onboard as well for quick pairing of devices.

On to software and Gigaom is reporting that a handful of devices have been seeded to developers to test and create interesting applications with. Devices out in the wild are running Android 4.1 and in some cases, Android 4.2. While the watch supports gestures and such, there is no way to input text on the device and it is not designed to be used without a smartphone. Twitter and Facebook integration is apparently going to ship with the device at launch.

Now, on to what makes us think that this device is going to be a Samsung-exclusive device. First of all, it sounds like certain functions will only work with devices running Samsung's TouchWiz as the company is said to be using a proprietary connection protocol and Bluetooth LE to connect. An app will be used to pair and set-up the watch, much like the Pebble watch. According to those testing the device, it features seamless syncing of notifications between smartphone and smartwatch. The example given is that if one was looking at notifications on the watch and stops at an e-mail blurb and then moves to the smartphone, the same e-mail will be displayed.


Apps will be available on the device but, developers have been told that these will not run through the Play Store but instead the Samsung Apps store. This is hardly surprising as a smartwatch is probably not something that Google wants in the Play Store anyway but, it is interesting to see that the Galaxy Gear is shaping up to be a Samsung-only device.

There's no telling yet whether or not the watch will function with other Android devices, even in a limited capacity but, September 4th is very much looking like the date we need to pay close attention to. Here at Android Headlines we'll have all the news as soon as we have it!

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