Sahas Katta, Creator Of The GlassTesla App Says That Google Glass Made Him A Better Driver

sahas kattar

Google Glass is not even for sale yet, there’s been no announcement, no date, no pricing, nothing, just a bunch of people beta testing the device while Google improves upon it and yet, the device is having everyone thinking about the possibilities and the issues that surface with a wearable device that goes in your face. We already knew about the U.K.’s Department for Transport thinking about banning the use of Google Glass while driving with a fine as high as £90 ($138 USD), similar to the one for using a cellphone. However, one Glassware (That’s how Google calls apps for Glass) developer is saying that the device has actually made him a better driver.

We’ve already talked about this developer, his name is Sahas Katta and he’s the creator of the GlassTesla app for the Tesla Model S EV which allows you to control the doors, the sunroof and gives you information about your car like remaining charge or mileage among other things. Katta is saying that while wearing Glass, he’s no longer distracted by his phone and that when it comes to navigation, nothing beats Glass. Here’s part of Katta’s statement:

“Google Glass is at a stage where it’s still somewhat your responsibility. If you’re trying to load up some web pages while driving, that’s probably not a great idea, but it’s still possible. But with navigation, it’s the best technology I’ve used to date – there’s no in-car, mounted or smartphone navigation system that can beat the experience of having Glass so far.”

He added that Glass reminds you when you have to make a turn from a mile away, but then shuts down before telling you again a tenth of a mile from the turn, this makes the distractions minimal for the drivers who usually are constantly glancing at the GPS or smartphone. There’s one more thing that Katta added, and that’s fact that Google Glass has an eye-tracking sensor (although he doesn’t have 100% confirmation, we’ve already seen this sensor working), which with some updates to the device, could be use to know when the driver is asleep and wake him up or if he’s looking at the screen too much just shut down automatically.

Some states in the U.S. are considering banning Google Glass as well, but there has been no announcements for this and the U.S. government hasn’t said anything about a country-wide ban. Obviously, the U.S. Department of Transportation is keeping an eye on this kind of tech, not only Google Glass but all the other emerging technologies that might be a danger to the roads if they’re not handled carefully.

Either way, any decision made by any government in the world, will have to be reviews when Google Glass goes on sale to the public, Google is still very much working on it and improving it daily and I’m sure that they are already working on driving safety solutions as well any privacy issue that might arise. Google Glass be on the market by the end of the year if everything goes fine so we might not see any of this solved until the beginning of next year.