Rumor: New Nexus 10 Coming From ASUS, Available At Best Buy And Google Play At Launch

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Google unveiled a new Nexus 7 on July 24th. It’s a good update to the previous model. Users are beginning to wonder about an update to the Nexus 10. It’s about that time, and rumors are flying. This latest rumor comes from multiple sources, telling Geek.com that Asus will be manufacturing the new Nexus 10. This leaked photo of a retail inventory screen seems to confirm the 16 GB Nexus 10 manufactured by Asus.

Samsung made last year’s Nexus 10 model. When Google is looking to release a new Nexus device, they start by taking input and designs from multiple manufacturers. These companies bid to produce the next Nexus tablet or smartphone. Google will then evaluate each device and make a decision on which company wins the bid. There’s a lot that goes in to the decision because these devices need to demonstrate Google’s ongoing vision for Android.

When Google decided to add the new 7-inch and 10-inch Nexus tablets last year, they chose a different manufacturer for each of them. Samsung got the Nexus 10, while Asus got the Nexus 7. The Nexus 10 will be made by Asus this year. It will also keep the same Nexus 10 name, like the new 2013 Nexus 7 did.

Asus and Google obviously have a great working relationship. These business relationships are by their very nature in a state of flux, so this could change quickly. But for now, Asus is presenting Google with options that it likes. The new Nexus 7 demonstrated Asus’s ability to create hardware that Google can use to move the Android platform forward. Asus is also producing these devices at a price point that will let Google reach more users. Last year’s Nexus 10 was not anywhere near as possible as the Nexus 7, but it still did well. The Android OS has evolved in the last 12 months to make the 10-inch tablet experience better. Android apps now offer better support for larger screens, and there are many more tablet versions of popular apps. When you combine that with Android 4.3’s improvements, specifically the new multi-user feature, it makes sense for Google to continue to push the Nexus 10.

The new Nexus 10 should be available on the Google Play Store and at Best Buy retail locations, once it launches.