Rumor: Motorola Releasing a Nexus Smartphone in Q4

moto nexus

Hey guess what? Taylor Wimberly, the former owner of Android and Me, is back with more Motorola rumors. Taylor was spot on with all the Moto X rumors leading up to the announcement last week, so we do have reason to believe him with this latest rumor. Not too long ago, Taylor took to Google+ and posted an update that says "Motorola will release a Nexus smartphone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X)." along with a picture of the Nexus boot animation. This leaves us with a ton of questions.

Many of us thought that Motorola would be building the next Nexus device. But Google has told when they acquired Motorola that they would not treat Motorola differently from their other OEM partners. So we figured Motorola would be in line with the rest of the OEMs out there for the next Nexus device.

So many people thought that the G2 announced yesterday would be the next Nexus smartphone. But after this rumor, it may not be just that simple. Motorola already has 4 devices coming out this month, and having another one come out before the end of the year, seems like they are kicking their sales into high gear. Motorola has already confirmed that they are making a Google Play Edition of the Moto X, which is also separate from this at least we believe it is.

We're expecting this device to be announced in October with the new Nexus 10 and Android 5.0 – Key Lime Pie. Many of us thought it would be LG making the next Nexus, but now we aren't sure. Although LG has indeed denied that they are working on the next Nexus many times already. Or could we see multiple Nexus phones this fall? That's something we thought we'd get last year.

A Motorola Nexus, this is something we've been asking for, for a long time now. I know I've been asking for a Nexus Maxx for quite a while now since Motorola has the best battery technology out there. How many of you want a Motorola Nexus this year?