Review: HMDX Jam XT Extreme Ruggedized Wireless Portable Speaker


Lately, we've been reviewing quite a few wireless speakers. I've been impressed by each one individually, but the Jam XT has impressed me more than the others. It's a pretty small and compact portable speaker with a carabiner on the back which you can clip onto your belt loop, your keys, or just about anything else. The outside of the speaker is made out of this ruggedized exterior which actually feels nice to hold. In fact, if you drop the speaker, it bounces.



The Jam XT packs a lot of sound for such a small speaker. As stated above, it does have a ruggedized exterior which is IP64 rated rubber exterior which means it's splash proof, drop proof and dirt proof. It's completely wireless and works with your phone or tablet up to 30-feet away. Its completely universal as well, it'll work with any device that has Bluetooth.


The Good

  • Colors: The Jam XT comes in 5 different colors, Orange, Red, Pink, Blue and Black. 
  • Sound: The sound coming out of this small speaker really surprised me. Its louder than some of the other speakers I've reviewed.
  • Pricing: Some of you might think it's steep, but compared to other Bluetooth speakers I've seen and reviewed, it's pretty cheap and well worth the $70.
  • Ruggedized: It's nice to have a speaker that you don't have to worry about dropping or getting wet

The Bad

  • Small but Heavy: You'd expect a speaker this small to be pretty light, but it actually is pretty heavy
  • Battery Life: While it did last me more than 6 hours of Google Play Music and Netflix, I wish it would last closer to 12 hours, or a full day.
  • Power button: Unlike the other buttons which are on the front of the speaker, the power button is on the bottom. Which is a bit strange for a speaker.

The HMDX Jam XT is available on Amazon and from HMDX's website for about $70. You can find it in the five different colors, and it's definitely worth the price. Out of all the portable speakers I've reviewed already, I'd say this one is the "must have" out of them all.