Qualcomm Not Convinced By Octa-Core CPUs; Say They Don't Make Sense



While Samsung and others have been busy creating Octa-Core solutions, Qualcomm has remained silent, and stick with quad-core solutions. While they don't have any plans to create an Octa-Core CPU of their own, the company recently had something to say about them. As PCWorld is reporting, it seems Qualcomm isn't convinced by these new solutions just yet, and who can blame them. After all, more cores does not always equate to better performance, especially if many of them will go unused by applications and games.


Anand Chandrasekher, Qualcomm's Senior Vice President had this to say when asked about Octa-Core CPUs:

"You can't take eight lawnmower engines, put them together and now claim you have an eight-cylinder Ferrari. It just doesn't make sense,"

It's understood that the comments were made when talking to Taiwan media. These comments have no doubt come as a result of their rival, MediaTek, releasing plans for an Octa-Core platform of their own. MediaTek is a name that we've been hearing more and more of recently, with the MT6589 Quad-Core powering a boatload of budget devices in China and the rest of Asia. Compared to Qualcomm's Quad-Core offerings though, even the aging S4 Pro, and the MT6589 pales in comparison. When asked whether or not the company had any plans for Octa-Core CPUs, Chandrasekher had this to say:


"We don't do dumb things."

He did go on to clarify a little though, adding:

"When you can't engineer a product that meets the consumers' expectations, maybe that's when you resort to simply throwing cores together. That's a dumb way to do it, and I think our engineers aren't dumb."


While the Executive's comments are certainly bullish, we're unsurprised by them really. Qualcomm is a company that spends a lot of money on R&D to create their award-winning Krait CPU design and their Adreno GPUs, which continue to give Nvidia a run for their money. Meanwhile, companies like Samsung and MediaTek are chasing what appear to be marketing exercises with Octa-Core CPUs.

Their Snapdragon 800 CPU brings a Quad-Core CPU with speeds touching 2.3 Ghz, which I think we can all agree with is more than enough speed and power for any smartphone.

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