Project Head Says Glass Will be Integrated into a Pair of Glasses in Coming Months

The Google Glass project keeps rolling along at a pace faster than most people could have imagined. Google is carefully nurturing and improving this device so by the time Glass is released for public consumption, we should see an amazing piece of hardware and software, combined to allow we adults to do things that were only possible before in comic books. With all of the smartwatches being released, we may experience some of that "Dick Tracy" magic we used to read about - when Glass is released it may feel like a "Brave New World." Glass is not even available to the public at large, yet they are already banned in at least ten places.

Google's Glass connects through either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to pull in its data, which is then projected on the clear glass for the user to read words or view a picture. Currently, and I stress the word currently as their capabilities continue to grow, they can record video, take pictures, launch Hangouts, navigate, view YouTube, and Google search information. Many third party apps are popping up as well, such as the New York Times is working on an app so you can enjoy reading their paper on Glass, with many more to follow.

On Monday, Glass creator Babak Parviz, speaking at the Hot Chips conference at Stanford University revealed the answer many of us prescription glass wearers are wondering:

In the next few months, we'll integrate it into glasses.

The pictures in this article, are tests being conducted to see how well it will work, not the finished product!  However, when pressed about contacts, Parviz said do not expect it to go much further than spectacles at this point, as projecting an image on a curved contact lenses would prove to be very difficult.

When asked about the capability to take a video of someone without their knowing about it, Parviz explained the same concerns were raised in the 1880's when portable cameras would allow you to take a picture of someone else in public, which is legal in the U.S. and said, "The user will have to have some judgement."

So let us know if you wear glasses, would you be interested in having Glass intergrated into your lenses...I know I would!

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