PowerA Puts The New MOGA Hero Power and the Pro Power Controllers Up For Pre-Order

MOGA Pro Power

Anyone who’s seriously into gaming on Android know about MOGA. The company has been making great game controllers for Android for the last year after the original MOGA controller was released in October 2012.

As AndroidSpin points out, PowerA has been working a lot to get as many games as possible into the MOGA Pivot app, making the games compatible with the controller to ensure good quality gaming. While the original MOGA Pocket is a small controller and uses batteries, the MOGA Pro is pretty much the same as the Xbox 360 controller which is a good thing. It’s very comfortable to hold and with a rechargeable battery makes it the perfect companion for Android gamers.

PocketA has released two new controllers that are already up for pre-order: the MOGA Hero Power and the MOGA Pro Power.

MOGA Hero Power

The Hero Power is here to replace the original Pocket, being the smaller of the new pair but still more powerful than the original one. Gone are the batteries and instead we have a 1800 mAh battery for extended gaming sessions. The interesting part about this is that it can also charge your phone while you’re gaming so you won’t kill your battery with those long Riptide GP2 sessions.

PowerA thought about almost everyone when designing the controller, the S.M.R.T. Lock can grip any device up to 3.2 inches wide so you won’t have any issues using almost every big phone out there such as the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Just don’t expect to fit a Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 or a Sony Xperia Z Ultra in there, they’re just too wide.

The MOGA Hero Power goes for $59.99 and ships in October.

MOGA Pro Power

The Hero’s big brother is the MOGA Pro Power. As with the Hero and the Pocket, the Pro Power replaces the Pro, still looking like an Xbox 360 controller with the same overall shape and button distribution. The battery on this one is a pretty solid 2200 mAh which is not bad at all for just gaming. It has the same grip as the Hero but this one comes with a collapsible tablet stand so you can sit comfortably in your couch while gaming. The Pro Power costs just $20 over the Hero at $79.99 and ships in October as well.

If you’re into gaming on Android I strongly recommend checking them out as nothing beats a good solid grip for playing games instead of the on-screen controls. It’s just not the same.

You can pre-order any of them by just heading over to the Hero Power or the Pro Power websites.