Oppo Teases How the N1's Rear Touchpanel Will Work

oppo touch


Oppo has been very busy indeed teasing their upcoming N1. Earlier on today, there were some leaked images of the device and now, Oppo themselves are teasing some more about the rear touchpanel we’ve been hearing about. The teasing started off with an obscure photo and now, they’re taking a more literal approach over at Sina WeiboIn fact, they’ve basically come out and told us the sort of uses the rear touchpanel is going to be used for. Take a look below at what Oppo has planned for the N1.

oppon1 rear


As you can see, a number of the uses that Oppo are teasing here are basically a secondary way to scroll through your homescreens or web pages. For many, scrolling with a finger on the rear of a device might be perfect but, we can’t say for sure until we have the device in our hands. It seems that the rear touchpanel is akin to the button-placement on the G2, which has no buttons on the sides of the device at all. The teaser also shows what looks like the N1 being unlocked by the rear touchpanel, too.

The N1 is shaping up to be a fairly innovative product from the Chinese manufacturer. With an innovative rear touchpanel and the “Owl” technology to take better low-light shots, it looks like the N1 might have a number of headlining features that other, more mainstream manufacturers might be jealous of. According to PhoneArenathe company is also asking its users to name this new technology as well. Which should be a lot of fun for our Chinese readers.

We’re sure that Oppo will keep up the teasing of this device but, we’ve not got too much longer to wait for its official launch as word is that Oppo is holding an event September 23rd to show off the device in style. There’s no word yet on whether or not the N1 is going to be launched Stateside but, if it were to launch this Fall, it’s going to have to go up against the G2, the Note III and the upcoming Xperia Z1.