Oppo N1 to Feature Touch Panel Around Back?


Oppo have risen from a company that weren’t well-known in the Android world to a company that everyone is talking about. The Find 5 was not only a technically great device but it had a decent experience to go along with it and now they’re trying new things. They recently announced a fairly middling Android device, the R819 but it was different in that the user can choose stock Android if they like. Finally. Something that we’ve been hearing about for some time now is an upcoming smartphone or device that is essentially an Android camera from Oppo.

The company seems ready to reveal more about the device, and they’ve taken to Twitter to tease something that might be a main feature of the N1. In the image above, you can see that Oppo is not so subtlety trying to tell us that the N1 is going to be touch-sensitive around back as well. While we have no idea what this could be for, there are a couple of ideas rolling around our heads. If it were a slider of some sort, the camera app could use it to adjust exposure on the fly or something like that. It could become a volume-rocker while watching a video or something else entirely.


While Oppo has started the marketing run-up for their Oppo N1 camera, there are a number of things we don’t yet know about. It’s clear that the device is going to feature what Oppo are calling an “N-Lens” and will obviously feature on photographic prowess, but other than that not much is known, aside from the fact that it is coming this September. It’s exciting to see someone like Oppo starting to think a little outside of the box. This sort of thing is what makes Android so great and hopefully, when the Oppo N1 does launch, they’ll be able to sort out US distribution of the device, too. What do you guys think? Would you buy something like this or is it going to be just another gimmick?