Nexus 7 Sleeve Hits Google Play in U.S. and Canada


Google has just announced a new neoprene and microfiber zip-up Sleeve for the Nexus 7 tablet and it is available now in the Google Play Store. There is only one color – a rather drab Black/Gray combo – to choose from and it will run you a cool $30. It is in stock and ready to ship, the cheapest way (3-5 business days) for $17.98 plus tax, which would make my total outlay of $51.14!  A little steep for a zip-up carrying case that cannot even be used as stand. There are already plenty of other cases, sleeves, and skins for the Nexus 7 available on Amazon. Some are as low as $5 after shipping. So you'll want to check those out as well, unless you want an "official" sleeve from Google and ASUS. 


Designed to protect your Nexus 7 while on the go, the form fitting neoprene sleeve features an asymmetrical zipper for quick and easy access. The sleeve is both padded and lined with microfiber fur for double the cushioning. A convenient outer pocket keeps all of your accessories close at hand. Compatible with all models of Nexus 7.


Technical Specifications

  • Size – 130 x 215 x 20 mm
  • Color – Black Outside/Gray Inside
  • Weight – 105g



If this case is a little too boring, and expensive, there are other beautiful and functional options for you to purchase. Below is a small sampling of cases for the Nexus 7…when you buy a Corvette, you don't want to park it in just anything!  These cases are stylish and functional and there are many more to chose from on the internet, just Google "Nexus 7 cases."

Let us know if you are sporting a cover, case, or flip stand for your Nexus 7. What would you recommend to fellow Nexus 7 owners that are looking for a little style for their money – and preferably not $18 in shipping? Maybe you just want to save it now for your Google Play "Wish List" while you save up that shipping charge.


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