New HP Tablet Benchmarked with NVIDIA Tegra 4 Chip Inside

August 14, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

In 2013, HP decided to try their hands at the Android tablet space. Their first Android tablet wasn’t too impressive. In fact, it was pretty laughable. But since the HP Slate 7, we’ve seen some other tablets rumored and announced for HP that are much better. Including a handful of Tegra 4 tablets from the PC giant.

Now the HP Slate 8 Pro has been benchmarked over on GFXBench and now we have the name and spec sheet for this device. The HP Slate 8 Pro seems to be a rather awkward name, but it also shows that HP is getting serious about the tablet game. It’s being codenamed the Bodhi, it has an 8-inch 1600×1200 resolution display. Bringing it a 250ppi pixel density, which is still lower than the new Nexus 7.

Additionally, it’ll be powered by the Tegra 4 clocked at 1.8GHz and has Android 4.2.2 on board. We already know that the Tegra 4 is a beast, but it hasn’t been used in many devices because it’s pretty expensive. Also, in the past we’ve learned that the Tegra chips are better for tablets than phones. HTC made that mistake with the international One X last year. Guess they won’t do that again.

As far as the benchmarks go, the HP Slate 8 Pro scored 5489 frames on the Egypt 2.5 HD onscreen component, which is very similar to what the Xperia Z Ultra scored with its Snapdragon 800 processor by Qualcomm. We’re also expecting about 2GB of RAM with a microSD card slot on board this new tablet. Along with a 5000mAh battery or larger. Making this new tablet a pretty nice contender to the Galaxy Note 8, and the Galaxy Tab 3 family. But what will set it apart or mark its funeral is the price. If HP can sell this for under $300, then I think they’ll do well, over $350-400 and it’ll be dead on arrival. Anyone else agree?

How many of you would buy a quality Android-based tablet from HP? I’ve had no problems with HP over the years, so I’d definitely buy one, but it’d have to be a Nexus tablet for me to buy it instantly. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.