NBA General Manager Thinks Referees Wearing Google Glass Are A "Great Idea"

There could be a time in the near future when we see NBA referees wearing Google Glass on the court. Daryl Morey, the General Manager of the Houston Rockets, thinks that it's a great idea.

The Houston Rockets GM did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview last Friday, in which a Redditor asked Morey what he thought about Google Glass being used in live games by officials.

"Do you think Google Glass could ever be integrated into live games, for example by having the officials wear them and letting the TV audience see what they saw?"

In response, Morey said "This is a great idea! Ask Adam Silve." Adam Silve is the current NBA deputy commissioner. Silve is on track to replace the current commissioner, David Stern. Stern is retiring as NBA commissioner next February. Adam Silve would have the final say on whether or not referees get to wear Google Glass and broadcast what they see.

Jason Del Rey over at AllThingsD reached out to Morey on Twitter to follow-up on the comment about Glass. Morey responded again that he thought it was "an interesting idea." Apparently Morey is serious about considering Glass use in live NBA games.

The question is what are the odds that this actually happens? Unfortunately, the answer is probably not very likely. The NBA did not take very kindly to a rookie filming the last NBA draft with Google Glass. They did not like the behind-the-scenes look that the rookie captured and shared. Having Glass capture what referees see could cause some headaches if a ref makes a bad call, too. The NBA needs all the help it can with regards to ratings, though, so this could be something that the seriously consider.

Google is expected to release Glass in early 2014. Glass would offer a totally new spin on instant replays, and could find uses in more sports than just professional basketball. The National Football League, Major League Baseball, really any fast-paced sport that has a need for instant replay could be a good fit for Glass. Referees don't always make the correct call. Obviously, there are some hurdles to overcome like battery life and the short video recording times on the current Glass models. But this is just one of the many ways that wearable tech like Glass could change our lives in the next few years.

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