Moto X Launching on Verizon August 23rd, Says Leaked Inventory Screen


When Motorola announced the Moto X last week, they didn't sound like they knew when the Moto X was actually going to launch. They said "late August or early September". We know that AT&T has the exclusive on all the customization options, at least for a little while. So we kind of figured they'd launch the Moto X first. But we don't have a release date for AT&T yet. We've seen many leaks for release dates for the Moto X on Verizon.

We already know that the DROID Mini, Maxx and Ultra are launching on Verizon on August 20th. Now according to this leaked inventory screen, that Android Central obtained, the Moto X is set to launch on August 23rd, with it hitting stores on August 15. Which does fall into that "late August/early September" time frame that Motorola gave us last week.


This means that within a week, Verizon is launching four phones. Well not just four phones, but four phones from Motorola. Now Motorola already knows that they'll be making the most of their money from the DROID line, which has always been the case for Motorola. But the Moto X is going to sell as well. Especially with them spending a boatload of cash on marketing for the Moto X. So far Verizon hasn't made any indication about pricing for the Moto X, but we are fairly certain that it'll be around $199 on a 2-year contract, similar to the pricing we're seeing at AT&T, Sprint and US Cellular. We also don't know if they'll be carrying the 32GB version or not. Which would probably be on sale for $249 on a 2-year contract.

It's also important for us to state that this is not official and just a leak. Just like with the HTC One, the launch date can be moved back. The HTC One was leaked to launch on August 1st, then we saw another leak that it got pushed back to August 15th. So we'll take this with a grain of salt and keep looking for more information.

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