Moto X Design It Cards From AT&T Only Good for Upgrades, not Full Retail

August 23, 2013 - Written By Cory McNutt

Our friends over at Droid Life tried to purchase a Moto X Design It Card at full retail price and it would not allow them to make the transaction – the AT&T representative was only able to ring it up as if you were purchasing an Upgrade.  If you go to Moto X’s website to redeem your card, this is what you see:

Moto Maker website

The MotoMaker is apparently running into more issues, the first was the engraving was suspended due to quality control issues. Not a good way to launch a new phone in a very competitive market with new phones released weekly – the Motorola Droid Ultra, Droid MAXX, HTC Mini to name a few. We can see where customizing your phone can present a host of logistical problems, even HTC and Sprint gave up on the idea before Motorola announced it would allow customization on the Moto X. Motorola can only hope that buyers are willing to wait for a fix to the system, we are a demanding bunch and once we make our mind up to make a purchase, we need to walk out of the store with something!

The way it should work is you will purchase your Moto X Design It card at the AT&T store, and then go to the MotoMaker website to redeem it and select your Moto X options. You can choose the back of the phone by color, or how about a wood grain, as well as various color schemes for the buttons. You then move on to customize the front and accent pieces and, eventually, have it engraved with your name, giving you a phone that is truly unique and allows you to show off your personality.

All a great idea if it works, Motorola just announced a delay in the 4 day shipping promise as well – but the process all starts by allowing you to make the purchase in the first place. Let us hope Motorola gets this fixed in a hurry so you can start posting pictures of your custom phone. Please let us know if you were able to complete the process at your AT&T dealer.