Moto X 32GB Developer Edition Unvelied on Motorola's Website

Motorola's new phone, the Moto X, is the talk of the town right now.  It started shipping just 2 days ago for AT&T customers and can be customized over 2,000 different ways.  It's built in the USA, and has a rather unique 8-core architecture powering the phone, as well as touchless gestures and always-on voice support.  All these features come with plenty of controversy though, and you'll be hard pressed not to find someone who thinks the Moto X is overpriced, underpowered and just plain scary at times.  The other big problem, at least with AT&T and Verizon's versions of the Moto X, is that the bootloader is locked down tight.  While AT&T has made it clear that they do not support unlocked bootloaders at all, there was always the possibility of getting a Developer Edition to get around this sort of thing.  Thankfully that's going to happen, and it was made official on Motorola's Moto X website via an update that Phone Arena found. Not only that but the developer edition will be shipping with 32GB internal storage, not 16GB as the standard model does.

Much like the Google Play edition of the Moto X that will be coming soon, the Developer Edition will be shipping with all the goodies the regular ships with.  That means the Developer Edition will be getting the always-on voice capability, the Active Display status screen, the incredibly optimized software and everything else Motorola has packed into their latest flagship.  While there's no mention of customizable colors or anything of that sort, there's a nice little unique "Developer Edition" engraving on the back of the phone.  You'll also be getting an unlockable bootloader, which is the main point of the Developer Edition anyway.  This will allow for custom ROMs and other hackery to be performed at will.  Since the bootloader is the gateway to getting custom software on the phone, it needs to be unlockable in order to put what you want on the Moto X.

Unfortunately the website doesn't give any kind of pricing or date other than "coming soon."  We expect this to be priced similarly to other Developer Editions, which have traditionally sold for $600 or more with no regular subsidized pricing available.  If you're on AT&T or Verizon, this is likely the only way you'll ever have an unlocked bootloader.  Of course this hasn't stopped custom ROM development in the past, and likely won't if the Moto X proves to be as popular as it seems it will be.  Remember that the T-Mobile, Sprint, Rogers and US Cellular will have unlockable bootloaders, so even though the Moto X Developer Edition will likely work on those carriers, it isn't inherently necessary to buy it if you're one of their customers.

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