Moto Maker Website Is Live For You To Create Your Very Own Moto X

moto maker site

As of this morning, the Moto X is available at AT&T. If you’re an AT&T customer or looking to make the switch to them, you can now customize your Moto X using the new Moto Maker website. That’s right, Motomaker.com is live right now.

Moto Maker lets you completely customize your smartphone to your liking. You can choose the color of the front and back panels, the amount of internal storage you need, and add accessories to match your phone. You can even link your Moto X device to your Google account before it is even shipped to you. Motorola says that the entire process only takes four days from beginning to end. That quick turnaround time is going to be the key to the Moto Maker website being a success. If customers don’t have to wait long for the personalized Moto X, more people will be drawn to use the site. However, if it takes too long or if there are hiccups in using the service, customers could switch off.

There are a few limitations on using Moto Maker right now. AT&T online purchasing is not available as of yet. That means you will need to go to an AT&T store and buy a Moto X card in order to use Motomaker.com. Right now, Moto Maker is an AT&T exclusive. Customers on other wireless carriers in the U.S. will just have to wait. Initially, engraving was a feature that was available, but Motorola has pulled that offline. Concerns over quality control have forced them to postpone the ability to add a custom engraving on the back of your Moto X. The wooden back panels are also not available at this time. Both of those features will be offered in the future, with wooden backs said to be launching before the end of the year.

You can go to the Moto Maker site and explore the customization options if you want. When the website first loads, you’re given the choice of redeeming a Moto X card or just playing with Moto Maker. Even if you are not going to pick up a customized Moto X right away, go check out the service. It’s a lot of fun.