Looking to Buy the Moto X? How Does 50GB of Free Drive Space Sound?


In case you haven't noticed, today is Moto X day and along with the official announcement, info on customization options and even a Google Play edition coming soon, surely there's room for no more. Well, there's always room for more here at Android Headlines, and here we are with another free load of Drive storage. This time around it's 50GB for two-years, just for Moto X customers.

With no microSD card slot and 16GB at $199 being the standard option, extra space is always nice. While it's not super-convenient to have 50GB up in the clouds, it's nice to have the extra space when you need it. Besides, with a lot of us streaming our music from Google Play Music, 16GB is looking a little bigger these days. There is the 32GB option, that will cost you $249. With 50GB from Google, and the included 15GB free when you sign-up to Drive, you're getting 65GB to do what you want with, for two-years that is.

Drive is often used by Google to sweeten the deal, and has been a stalwart for Chromebook sales. With the Samsung and Acer Chromebooks getting you 100GB for two-years and the Pixel giving you a massive 1TB of storage for three-years. Considering how much 1TB of space costs, you have to wonder whether you're paying for the space or the Pixel. Now that Motorola is finally shipping a device under ownership by Google, we're unsurprised that Google is throwing in some extra space. It's not as if their servers won't be able to cope.

Needless to say, we're disappointed that Google aren't running the same offer that's open to potential Droid customers that gives them six-months of All Access music for free. Does this sweeten the deal at all for you? Or would you rather have something else included as a free bonus?

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