LG's QuickWindow Case for G2 Shown Off in a New Video from LG


Hot on the heels of the official announcement of the LG G2, LG has released a new video showing off the QuickWindow case that it announced last week.  You might recall the fact that the phone still hasn't been officially announced, yet LG still continues to show off accessories for it.  It's definitely a weird way to build hype, but the product itself does a pretty good job at doing just that.  Cleverly, LG never actually shows the G2 phone itself in the video, only the cover with the phone underneath it.  The video is short, coming in at just over a minute long, and shows someone flipping between the "faces" of the QuickWindow.  One moment they are playing music on the music control window, and the next they are accepting a call that popped up on the same window.  Everything looks a little…Samsung-esque, but that's unfortunately pretty standard fare for LG these days.

LG's QuickWindow case brings quite a lot of functionality to the standard flip case, and while it definitely resembles Samsung's S-View Cover for the Galaxy S4, it appears to have more functionality than Samsung's case.  One of the coolest immediate features is the traditional analog clock faces you can add to the face.  The QuickWindow will also provide weather information, incoming calls, music controls, alarms, messages and more.  Since LG hasn't officially announced all the features, we can only go on what's presented in the pictures and video for the case.  There's no telling what kind of customization LG might have enabled here, or if there will be a separate market for new watch faces and the like.



The LG G2 is turning out to be quite a beast of a device if rumors are to be true.  The latest information leading up to the announcement this week on August 7th will put the LG G2 at the top-of-the-charts when it comes to raw specs.

  • 5.2-inch 1080p screen
  • Quad-core Snapdragon 800 Processor
  • 3GB RAM

In addition to the incredible specs listed here, the LG G2 also features a brand-new button design, with the power and volume buttons located on the back of the phone rather than the sides.  This likely makes the phone much easier to hold, especially if it turns out to be a 5.2-inch screen.  After all that's just 0.1 inches smaller than the original Galaxy Note!  Hopefully LG gets those bezels under control so this thing doesn't end up feeling like a phablet, which is not something they'd been pushing it as at this point. We'll have more information this Wednesday as LG officially announces the G2 at their event in New York City.

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