LG's G Pad to Ship with Snapdragon 600, 8.3-inch Display?



We’ve been hearing a lot lately about an upcoming tablet from LG, dubbed the G Pad. It’s surprising to think that LG is looking to get into the tablet market again, as they didn’t seem to enjoy too much success last time. However, as we’ve been hearing, the G brand from LG is about to get very crowded. Not just with a smartphone and a tablet but, with all sorts of products, including a smartwatch. The G Pad from LG however, will have to bring something to the table that the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and the iPad Mini don’t, however as those three stand atop the sub-10-inch market. Sure, there are others out there but, those three are the tablets that LG will be looking to topple.

It seems that LG is going to do that by offering a slightly larger display and a beefier processor at its heart. According to TechKiddythe LG G Pad is going to be shipping with a Snapdragon 600 and a Full HD 8.3-inch Display. Both those specs alone put the G Pad a little ahead of the current competition. The new Nexus 7 ships with a Snapdragon S4 Pro, which is a great chip but, the 600 is that little bit faster. As for the iPad Mini, well we know its specs simply can’t compare to most other smaller-screened tablets. Of course, both Apple and Amazon will be refreshing their lines later in the year, which means LG will have to think ahead.

With a Snapdragon 600 and a slightly larger display, LG might have enough to set themselves apart from the competition. Of course, pricing is going to be key and if LG price the G Pad too high, they could be kicking themselves off of store’s shelves. We’re glad to see that LG is thinking of bringing some higher-end specs to the table, especially considering that Samsung has been shipping the Galaxy Tab line with budget-minded specs for the last couple years now.

What do you guys think? Can LG break into the tablet market or not?