LG Loves NFC, Adds it to Lightwave Oven Dios


When NFC made its debut a number of years ago on Android phones, many wondered just what it would be used for.  Sure it's an easy way to beam photos, videos and other kinds of media to one another without the hassle of setting up cloud drive accounts and the like, but what about more practical uses?  LG seems to have an answer for that in their new Lightwave Oven Dios, an NFC-enabled convection oven.  Yes that's right, now you can beam your favorite memes, I mean recipes, straight to your oven for your cooking enjoyment.  Since it's a convection oven it can behave more like a microwave in that it can switch cooking modes depending on what you want to put in it.

As such, LG has created a number of new modes to take advantage of the NFC-enabled nature of the Dios, and there are over 220 modes that can be chosen by a single touch of your phone.  LG has created a Dios app just for this purpose, and it makes selecting one of these 220 modes a snap.  Since pretty much all modern Android phones have NFC built in, this app won't be restricted to just LG phones either.


There's even a new cooking method called "air fryer" that lets you cook things like you could in a deep fryer, except with up to 77% less fat.  While it sounds like something Samsung might have in its next Galaxy S device, it's actually a new way of cooking fried foods.  That's great for those of us who like our fried foods but maybe not the effects of eating that all the time.  The app also lets you choose from many other different ways of cooking including grilling, steaming, oven cooking and more.  We're not sure if LG is planning on partnering with some of the more popular recipe websites out there, but it would only make sense if this were to happen.  Thanks to Android Central for finding this gem, as LG has made no announcement of availability for the Lightwave Oven Dios outside of South Korea.  You'd better believe something this crazy sounding will make its way elsewhere though.  Who knows, maybe we'll even have flying cars by then too.

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