LG G2 coming with updated Quadbeat 2 headphones

As we inch closer and closer to LG's G2 announcement, we are beginning to get a better idea of what we can expect. While we already have a pretty good idea of what the phone will look like and some possible cases that might be available, we now have a pretty good idea of some possible accessories that might be included in the box. Accessories are actually becoming more and more important to consumers as there are not many out there that are included with original purchases.

If you think back to LG's Optimus G and G Pro devices, you will recall that they came with some pretty good in-ear headphones called Quadbeat. There is a rumor going around now that LG's latest handset will come with an updated version of these headphones, dubbed Quadbeat 2. It certainly seems that LG had some decent success with offering headphones out of the box as they went through the trouble to make an updated pair.

From what we can tell, these headphones will have improved low and mid-range frequencies, similar to effects added by Bose and Beats Audio. While the sound isn't likely to be as exaggerated as those other offerings, it will still produce more of the frequencies that our ears tend to favor. While they certainly won't be as good as high end earphones, they will definitely be welcomed by most as they are likely to be significantly better than other companies' offerings.

Including decent headphones is certainly not unheard of, but it is nice to see that some companies are still committed to doing so. In addition to LG's efforts, Motorola has also decided that headphones are important by partnering with SOL Republic to provide matching headphones to their Moto X adopters. Hopefully this trend continues as both manufacturers are expected to have quite a bit of success with their upcoming releases.

LG's G2 is expected to be unveiled in a couple days on August 7th. The device is slated to release sometime in september. Do you think decent headphones included with the G2 are enough to sway some consumer away from other offerings? Or are they just an added bonus?

Source: Webtrek.it

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