Lenovo Reveals Q1 2013 Earnings; Sells More Smartphones and Tablets than PCs

August 15, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson


You’ve probably heard of Lenovo, right? Of course you have, they’re one of the biggest brands in the world when it comes to computers. In fact, they’re ranked the number one PC manufacturer in the world, they’re just that big. The company has just announced their Q1 earnings for 2013, which is relatively mundane but, what isn’t is the fact that Lenovo sold more tablets and smartphones than they did PCs. In terms of cold hard cash, they’re not doing too badly there either posting $8.8 billion in revenue and $170 million in profit.

Lenovo is now close to becoming a “mobile-first” company as sales of their smartphones and tablets, combined, made more money for them than their PC business did. That’s pretty impressive for a company like Lenovo, for whom 42 percent of revenue came straight from their native China. If you’re still thinking that the US is the only market for which mobile matter, think again. As Lenovo have realized, China is a massive market for mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets. Devices like the K900 are often very popular in China and sell well for Lenovo.

The CEO of the company, Yang Yuanqing, was keen to express that Lenovo has fast become a “PC Plus” brand. With ThinkPads and their laptops taking a backseat as their smartphones and tablets rake in the money. Of course, there are no plans for Lenovo to give up on the PC business, as their laptops and PCs are currently selling above the average of the industry right now. Which is good news in itself.

We all know that mobile is the big thing in tech right now, and has been for years but, to see a company like Lenovo make quite so much of their revenue off of smartphones and tablets. Hopefully, Lenovo can break out of China and make it West with their smartphones as their high-end handsets are really something to behold.