If you Live in California, You Could Help Google Test it's Latest Experiment


Google started out as a search engine, who then began doing experiments which has lead to all the services that Google provides today. Right now, Google’s latest experiment is Google Fiber and Google Glass. Both are experiments I’d love to be a part of, Google Fiber more than anything. Recently, we heard that Google was working on a new experiment that would basically be balloon-powered internet. Yes, balloon-powered internet. Pretty crazy, right? Right now, Google is looking for helpers or testers, out in California .

Google is currently seeking volunteers in California’s Central Valley region to add a Look Internet antennae  to their house or building to help measure the strength of the signal delivered by balloons during a testing phase that runs from the month until the end of the year. You can see what the loon balloon looks like above.

Google is specifically looking for residents of Madera, Chowchilla, Mariposa, Merced and Turlock. If you live in those areas, you can go here to sign up. You can also find out more information about Project Loon on their Google+ page.

When I first heard about Project Loon about a month or so ago, I thought Google was crazy. I mean using balloons to provide internet in areas is pretty crazy. But if every building has a Loon balloon on it, that could pretty much mean internet every where. Or maybe I’m just reading to much into this. Especially in the days of “move everything to the cloud” and carriers having data caps, free wifi is very necessary. I’m pretty interested to see how this experiment goes for Google, and how fast the internet speeds really are from these balloons. It’d be interesting if they provided faster speeds than what existing ISPs provide us.

How many of you in the California Central Valley area are interested in registering with Google to help test out Project Loon? Let us know in the comments below what you think about this new project from Google.