Hyetis Crossbow: The Swiss Army Knife of Smartwatches With a 41MP Camera


Smartwatches are all the rage these days, and for good reason.  While nearly every manufacturer out there including Sony and Samsung vie for a piece of the pie in the smartwatch market, some smaller players like Pebble and InWatch have already seen some success with excellent products that bring features people want right now.  There are still some lingering questions when it comes to smartwatches though, and some features that we really haven't seen done all that well at this point. Thankfully GSMArena stumbled upon a rather interested gem of a smartwatch called the Hyetis Crossbow.  The Hyetis Crossbow smartwatch features a premium swiss build with a list of features that would make most smartphones jealous.  This smartwatch looks more like something Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell fame might be donning rather than the average consumer, and there's a good reason for that.  The $1,200 price tag brings along a super premium feel to the device, and the Swiss-made construction only adds to that pedigree.



When you grew up did you want to be a spy?  If so you're in luck here, as the 41 megapixel attached camera complete with Carl Zeiss lens will make even the highest end Nokia phones blush, and will likely get you a few amazing shots on your next espionage mission.  Thankfully the Crossbow packs a super high resolution display to view said photos on, although the resolution isn't specifically stated by Hyetis.  You'll be able to pair it with your favorite smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi, and you'll also have the option of using NFC in that transaction as well.  While there is a microphone on board, there seems to be no cell radio on board, so you probably won't be making phone calls directly with the watch without the aid of your phone.


Do you enjoy exercising, particularly outside?  Again it looks like you're in luck here, as the Hyetis Crossbow now only has a biometric sensor on the wrist band, but also features a GPS receiver to help you track where you've been and get you out of a pickle next time you've crossed into unfriendly territory.  Oh and did we mention that the Crossbow has a depth sensor and is rated at a pressure rating of 25atm or 250 meters?  Perfect for when you have to make that quick escape, and the built in thermometer will help you know if you're in for a bought of hypothermia on your way out of the water too.


Yes the Hyetis Crossbow really does sound like the perfect spy smartwatch, but with all these features how many days can you possibly expect to use this thing?  Hyetis rates the Crossbow at a generous 4 days of battery life, and there's even 2 rechargeable batteries tucked somewhere behind that titanium exterior.  Yes the Crossbow is made of titanium, and the glass isn't just any old glass, rather a sapphire glass with anti-glare coating. The Hyetis Crossbow is easily the most premium, feature-rich smartwatch out there, but it of course comes at a cost.  There will only be 500 Crossbow smartwatches made initially, so if you're willing to shell out $1,200 to get one you'd better act fast.  Thankfully Hyetis is pulling a Motorola and making the Crossbow customizable.  All the details can be found on the Hyetis website, where you can find the "Pre-order Coming Soon" banner on the right side of the page.


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