HTC Planned a Customization Site with Sprint; Before the Moto Maker and the Moto X

August 15, 2013 - Written By Cory McNutt

Wanting to express one’s individuality is nothing new – we did it with bell-bottomed pants and tie-dyed shirts, with tattoos and piercings, to picking out a color for your new car, to buying a special case for your smartphone, bling-bling and all.

Motorola recently announced the new Moto X – a smartphone without spectacular specs, but what it does offer is customization through the new MotoMaker site where you can truly make your new Moto X, your own personal phone. There you can choose the back-plate, accents colors, the front panel, and even have it engraved. This is what Motorola is touting, not its specs, but the entire Moto X experience of customizing the phone to meet your needs.

Moto X Customization

The Verge learned that HTC and Sprint had wrestled with the idea of customizing the HTC 8XT Windows device phone. The HTC Design Studio wanted their website to allow their customers to choose color options for the speaker, accents, HTC’s two-toned accents and engraving as well…sound familiar?

Apparently, the idea was shelved due to the costs and logistics of the project, so they instead decided to move forward with an improved color scheme for the Sprint HTC 8S device to set them apart from the HTC 8X.

HTC 8S Two-Toned

When Motorola first announced their customization project, I was a little surprised that they would allow a customer so many options and then actually build the phone to the customer’s specs. The implementation seemed complicated and expensive, like HTC discovered, yet Moto seems ready to start this “assembly-line” mentality. It might be one of the reasons the Moto X is commanding a high price or maybe the fact that the Moto X is assembled in a U.S. factory in Texas and not overseas it allows them this option.

However, if Motorola is able to customize their phones to the users’ specs, it will be interesting to see if they can continue the process or if it becomes too complicated and expensive to maintain. If Motorola does pull this MotoMaker off, I will be curious to see if HTC and other manufacturers begin to offer these options in the future.

Let us know if you like the idea of customizing your phone from the factory or are you content with a colorful cover.