HTC One in Blue: Picture of Actual Case Surfaces

August 26, 2013 - Written By Cory McNutt

I love blueberries, and just about anything else in blue, especially a smartphone – already in gorgeous aluminum, what could make the HTC One any prettier, blue, of course. Earlier this month @evleaks treated us to an HTC One in blue, and then we found out that it may be a Verizon exclusive after it was spotted in Big Red’s system. As deliveries of HTC Ones arrived at the Verizon warehouses early last week for their August 22 debut, most of them showed up in the standard silver color, although a few black models were supposedly spotted, but no blue.

HTC One Blue @evleaks

Today we are treated to a photo of an actual HTC One case in the color blue with no carrier depiction on the front. This could mean several things:

  • The Blue Case may find its way to other carriers as well as Verizon
  • Verizon will add their “signature” to the phone after the case is shipped to them
  • Could it actually be that Verizon will leave its stamp off the front of the device

We just don’t know at this point other than the blue HTC One is definitely coming soon and that it is awesome looking! Other US. carriers have been selling the HTC One for the past three months, while Verizon, as usual, was caught dragging their feet. In Verizon’s defense, they were already selling the HTC Droid DNA, which is very similar and they did not want to draw away sales from a flagship “Droid” device. Verizon may have wanted to wait until the initial distribution problems HTC was having with the One were solved, maybe HTC could not have a full-blown launch on the US’ largest carrier due to parts shortages to build the phone.

Whatever the hold up, Verizon customers can rejoice that they can now purchase an HTC One, and hopefully soon, the beautiful in blue model. Let us know if you purchased an HTC One on Verizon and was it worth your wait?