HTC One for Verizon gets Delayed Again, Coming August 29th According to Latest Leaked Roadmap

Verizon Wireless outdoor

Today, PhoneArena got a nice surprise. It was a leaked roadmap for Verizon. The roadmap takes us through the entire month of August with Verizon which includes the DROID Ultra, Moto X and the HTC One. The DROID Ultra and DROID Max is due to hit stores on August 20th. And as we previously reported, the Moto X will be launching on August 23rd.

There’s also a “high-end” flip phone from LG coming, the LG Exalt. Which makes it’s debut on August 29th. Which is the same day that Verizon adds the side-sliding QWERTY model the LG Enact, which is replacing the Galaxy Stratosphere 2 from Samsung. Also coming out on August 29th is the Motorola DROID Mini along with the Samsung Convoy 3. Verizon is also offering the waterproof Kyocera Hydro Elite online starting August 29th, but it won’t be in stores. Finally that takes us to the HTC One, which also supposedly launching on August 29th as well. Looks like a pretty busy day for Verizon.

The HTC One has been delayed yet again by Verizon. We first saw a roadmap that said it was launching on August 1st. Which we thought was because it’s the One, so 8/1. Then last week before the Moto X announcement we learned it would be launching on August 15th. Now it’s been pushed back to August 29th. I’m almost thinking that Verizon just doesn’t care about the HTC One and might be punishing them for the Thunderbolt and Droid DNA. By the time Verizon launches the One, we’ll have the successor in our hands on the rest of the US carriers. At this point I think it’s safe to say that the HTC One isn’t coming to Verizon, and if it does, you probably shouldn’t buy it.

It’s really sad to see the HTC One take so long to launch on the biggest carrier in the US. I really wish HTC could force Verizon to launch it sooner, but then again this is Verizon we’re talking about. Right now, all they really care about is the DROID Ultra, Maxx and Mini. They may care a little bit about the Moto X too.