Google Glass Gets Another Update: Brings Voice Commands for Third-Party Services, Video Player Controls and More


On Monday, Google announced the latest monthly update to Google Glass. It's adding a bunch of new features for all of you lucky enough to have a pair of Glass. There are plenty of additions in this update, which you'll want to download ASAP if you have Glass. First things first, Google Now has gotten a rather large bump in features:

  • Restaurants, hotels, events – Be reminded of dinner reservations, hotel bookings and concerts. You'll see these reminders for places that sent you an email confirmation.
  • Movies – Find showtimes and movie information for nearby theaters.
  • Emergency alerts – Change your plans on the fly when severe thunderstorm or flash flood warnings are in effect.
  • Traffic – Get traffic conditions and alternate routes before you leave for work.
  • Weather – Know how to dress before stepping out the door.
  • Sports – See live scores for your favorite teams.

Then there's the voice commands. Google has expanded the voice commands that were in last month's update. Those with Project Glass can now add voice commands from other services to the main menu. Which pretty much means Glass is being expanded to even more third-party options. Which is definitely good news for app developers with Project Glass.


Google is also introducing a few new voice commands with the August update. Those include "Post an Update" which was first supported by Path. It's actually pretty surprising that it doesn't work with Google+…yet. The second voice command is "Take a note" which was first supported by Evernote. Once again, it's surprising that Google Keep didn't support it first. Google also says that more voice commands are coming. But they haven't said what exactly is coming. Glass users will be able to use their voice "to trigger all sorts of services" soon, Google Says.

Project Glass continues to evolve. Glass has me really excited for it's public launch. Right now Glass is about $1500, I'm pretty positive that it won't be that exclusive when it's available to everyone. In fact, we've seen reports of it costing $300, which would definitely make it worth the price.