Gaming for Google Glass: The Next Big Thing as Explorers Try Out Escape and Other Games


Google Glass continues to amaze us, and its capabilities seem to grow weekly as developers harvest new ways to use this powerful tool. I doubt that even Google envisioned what Glass would be capable of when the project first began and when the device is finally released to the public, I think it will blow our minds…it will be Woodstock all over again. Too young to know what a Woodstock is, then Google it on Glass.

The general Google searches, maps, navigation, etc. will all be standard in Glass, but the next big thing is gaming on Glass, and why not, it is a natural progression and a strong driver towards more sales of Glass when it finally arrives for public sale sometime at the end of this year or the beginning of 2014. Can a gamer image not having to sit and use a console to play an interactive game with other Glass users…it would be freaking awesome!


Details emerged recently about the first Massive Multiplayer online (MMO) for Glass, known as Swamp (even the name is cool). It is basically a human ant colony that tracts your moves as you perform certain tasks throughout the day as colorful trails on a map, and you gain or lose points based on your actions. According to Columbia University's Jonathan Lawhead, who co-designed the game:

Swarm is more than just a game. It's a framework for engaging the crowds as they navigate shared public spaces. Swarm is a radical experiment in self-organization.

Other games are also being worked on, such as GlassBattle, based on the classic Battleship, where the user uses voice commands to maneuver ships and fire torpedoes. There is also PSYCLOPs which is much like a 3D Spacer Invaders with a little Missile Command added in for good measure.



Escape is a variation on the board game, Checkers, as you guide your character around a maze of dots. If you want to check it out, go to Google play and download the Smartphone version.

DuBose Cole, strategist at media agency Mindshare said about gaming on Google Glass:


The ability to game on the go, using voice, location and the persistent connectivity of glass is where the real opportunity for the device lies, going beyond simply putting traditional games directly in front of the user's eyes, Games such as Swarm, which use the strengths of glass to merge the real world and a game environment, highlight the emerging future for gaming on Glass.

By the time Google Glass is released, it should have a bevy of games ready to download and play, and with a report price tag of only $300, Glass would be in direct competition with gaming consoles. Let us know if you are a gamer and if the thought of playing games on Glass excites you.


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