First Ads For The Moto X Have Been Released

moto x 13

We heard a few times that Google was going to spend $500 million on marketing for the Moto X, it sounds like a lot but if Google wants Motorola to compete with the big boys, most notably Samsung and Apple, it’s going to have to create a huge marketing budget for the phone. Obviously, nor Google or Motorola have confirmed any of this, and they never will, but I’m sure that the Moto X will start showing up everywhere. Street ads, TV ads, web ads, TV product placements and many more places but as with everything, it has to start somewhere. Below you’ll see the first two ads for the phone, “Quick Draw” and “Always ready”, neither name leaves too much room for imagination, with the first one obviously being about the double flick gesture for the camera and the second one about always listening to you with the Touchless Control feature.

Quick Draw



Always Ready


Both ads are really short, but as you can see, they lean heavy on the customization side of the Moto X, which we know is one of its strongest selling points. Well, that and the Made in USA which is also present in the ads.

The vibe of the ads continues the trend of the pictures that Motorola shared on social networks lately when they were teasing the Moto X, and the videos feel a lot like Google’s ads, with smooth music, nice and simple typography and a very warm photography that is obviously thought to make you feel as calm and comfortable as possible. Quite the opposite to the ads Motorola’s phones had to suffer in the last few years and the Droid branding from Verizon. It seems like Google has given the chance to Motorola to actually be Motorola but still, the influence from Google is very noticeable, and that’s a good thing, the company made a huge change in design and is now considered one of the best designs in the world, both for the web and for Android.

I’m sure many more ads are coming, but for now, let’s just enjoy these two.