Feedly to Launch $5 a Month Pro Plan; Adds Evernote Integration and More



Feedly, the RSS Reader that many of you flocked to after Google shut the doors on Reader is going to be offering a "Pro" version of itself, aptly named "Feedly Pro". It's going to cost $5 a month and offer a few more features than standard Feedly. Just what do you get for your $5 a month? Well, Feedly have neatly laid it out for us:


feedly pro2


You'll finally be able to search articles, you'll get https support for added security, Evernote integration and Premium Support. All of that sounds pretty nice for $5 a month, for most of us the added support is going to be the real cherry on top. Here at Android Headlines, a number of us rely on Feedly to get our news and make sure we're up-to-date with things. Being able to get quick and simple support when we need it sounds like a nice idea for sure. While the Evernote integration might not appeal to everyone, it's the most popular note-taking service out there today and we're sure students and those doing research will greatly appreciate it.


feedly pro3


The company is kicking things off with a pretty nice deal though. Feedly Pro will be launching this Fall but, if you really can't wait, you can go ahead and sign-up today forever. $99 will get you lifetime access to Feedly Pro, no more monthly payments, no nothing. Considering that they're charging $45 for a full year, you're basically paying a little more than two years' worth for a lifetime. Of course, whether or not that's worth it depends on how much you use Feedly and with other services rising up, there could be some real competition soon.


The folks over at Feedly are always ready and willing to answer a question, and make sure things are as transparent as possible. With that in mind, they've put together this little faq:

Where is the money from feedly pro going to?
The funds will finance the hardware needed to make feedly pro generally available and help support the next batch of features.

Will feedly pro include more features going forward?
Yes. We will be introducing new pro features regularly. The next batch of features will be decided on by feedly pro users themselves, as you will get to vote on what features you would like feedly to develop next.


Will feedly pro features be available in other apps?
Yes. feedly desktop is the first pro app but we are making all the pro features available via feedly Cloud API. So you can expect feedly mobile and other cloud apps will take advantage of them shortly.

Are you continuing to invest in the free version of feedly?
Definitely! We will continue to iterate and add new features to the free feedly. If anything, feedly pro makes us more sustainable and enables us to innovate faster.

Can I ask for a refund?
Yes. If you try feedly pro and are not satisfied, you have 7 days to ask for a refund. Please use your pro support line to ask for a refund.


Feedly Pro is going to be worth watching in the future, and while we're not sure about signing up for $99, it is a pretty decent deal. One thing's for sure though, the closing of Google Reader is easily the best thing to have ever happened for Feedly.