Sponsored Game Review: FlipPix Art – Zoo


Puzzle games are still very much a part of today's gaming scene. Of course, only Tetris and the like will appeal to true gamers but, that doesn't mean there isn't enough room for the casual gamers and those looking to play a game that has a certain pace. These days, it seems that a lot of mobile games on Android are all about fast-paced, high-octane action. Those games are great but, they don't appeal to everyone, and in some cases they turn off casual gamers. For those looking for a puzzle game that has a slow pace but fulfilling gameplay then FlipPix Art – Zoo might be that title. Read on to find out.

Description: FlipPix Art is a game that's suited to those that prefer to use their brainpower when playing a game. Sudoku veterans will take to the game as a welcome break from pure math. Known as nonograms or griddlers, these puzzles combine numbers and logic to create a game that will test even the most skilled of puzzle players. The aim of the game is to work out which tiles need painting, and which tiles are empty and therefore need removing. You do this by using the numbers all around the grid to work out which tiles are which. The game has been designed with tablets in mind and is the type of game to sink into while relaxing.

How it Works: To start cracking those puzzles, all you have to do is download the game from the Play Store. After that you'll be asked to choose a name for yourself.


2013-08-05 13.49.39

After that you can go ahead and start playing or, you can take a look at the help section.

2013-08-05 13.50.06


Taking a look at the Help section will be a good idea for new players but, there is a tutorial included as well.

2013-08-05 13.50.21

The tutorial will take you through everything you need to be able to play the game, it's a great place to start if you're new to the game:


2013-08-05 17.20.35

Essentially, you have to use the numbers on the grid to make sure you choose the right tiles.

2013-08-05 17.20.58


FlipPix tells you how to work out the numbers of the side, and you should be able to pick it up in no time. Once you've completed the tutorial you can move on to puzzles. Be sure to choose the right difficulty for you though.

2013-08-05 17.24.31

That's all there is to it. There are a whole lot of puzzles so, why don't you go ahead and dive in?


Opinion: I had never played this type of puzzle before, so I was happy to learn something new. I had tried and failed to pickup Sudoku before but, this is a lot more fun. For one thing, there's less dealing with numbers which is welcome and for another, it's actually quite therapeutic. What's great about FlipPix is that there are varying puzzles for those of varying skill, from small 5×5 grids to massive 20×20 grids. I found it difficult at first, so I started with the 10×10 grids, which were much too difficult for me. Scaling back down to a 5×5 grid helped me grasp the game a little bit better and practice.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game runs fine and there were no issues when tested on a number of devices. 
  • Features (4/5) – Puzzle fans are really going to take to this one, no question. There's more than enough on offer to keep them occupied and the varying difficulties help, too.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – While the game looks okay, the assets could make better use of the higher-resolution display on tablet but, it does look fine.
  • Overall (4/5) – FlipPix is a solid offering, especially if you're already a big fan of puzzle games on Android. This is one to recommend.


  • Varying difficulties, 5×5 to 20×20, will keep players interested and give them a goal to work towards. 
  • There are very few puzzlers out there like this one, this is nice spin on some old classics.
  • Fans of Sudoku will really enjoy this.
  • FlipPix is a great game for those young and old and definitely something for those looking for a change of pace.


  • Graphics could do with a little extra polish. 
  • New players would benefit from a longer tutorial with more puzzles.

Conclusion: FlipPix is a puzzle game that's easily recommended to those looking for something to slow things down and relax while playing a game. While it's not perfect, it ticks most of the boxes. For those looking for a puzzle game that'a little different from other games and brings with it a difference in difficulty, FlipPix is a good place to start and if you're used to play puzzles on touchscreens, you'll be happy to see that this makes full use of them. Overall, FlipPix is a game that won't appeal to everyone but, it will offer enough to keep puzzle fans and the like happy. If you enjoyed this version of FlipPix then don't forget to take a look at the other versions on the Play Store, perfect for when you've completed this one!