EA Optimizes 19 Fan Favorite Games For The New Nexus 7

August 2, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

In an announcement yesterday to commemorate the release of the all brand new Nexus 7, EA has decided to optimize a large selection of their games that are already available on Google Play. The list is actually quite large to start, and I can imagine that it will only grow with time. As we all know (some of us better than others, and by that I mean me and the other lucky bastards that got a hold of a nexus 7 before launch) the new nexus 7 has the highest resolution display thus far for a tablet. This means big time improvements for pretty much everything, and an ultimately more enjoyable experience for the best part about a tablet this size, the GAMES! EA Mobile has caught onto this fact as well, and went ahead and started their campaign to optimize a number of their most popular titles and take advantage of the beautiful screen. Optimizing the games for the new tablet will of course make the games look better and provide and even more immersible session of play for the gamer, giving them the excellent quality gaming experiences they may be used to seeing on their high end PC or home console.
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Some of the games aren’t necessarily in my personal library, never the less they are extremely popular and are capable of showing off what the new nexus 7 has to offer the gaming crowd. Without further ado, the list of games is as follows. There are 19 games in total that have been optimized currently

The Simpons: Tapped Out
Real Racing 3
The Sims Freeplay
Bejewled Blitz
Tetris Blitz
Theme park
World Series Of Poker
Tetris (2011)
Plants VS. Zombies
The Game Of Life
Monopoly Millionaire
Monopoly Hotels
Bejewled 2
Madden NFL 12
Need for Speed Shift
SPY mouse
Surviving High School
and last but not least… Supreme heroes



The entire list of games are linked to their respective place in the play store, so if you happen to have gotten your hands on the nexus 7 tablet, I can think of a few games that will look pretty damn good on it. *wink wink*. In addition to the optimized games list, EA is also putting on a sale of some of its games for android; Bejewled Blitz with 50% off the cat’s eye and moon stone rare gems, Tetris Blitz with 50% off all retro power ups, Real Racing 3 has 50% off the Porsche Carrera GT from the 2nd through the 5th and 20% off the BMW Z4 sDrive35 starting the 6th and ending the 8th, and The Sims FreePlay will have 50% off bunny rabbits and Pet accessories. Sounds like a lot is being offered in the light of the nexus being dropped. I couldn’t think of a better way for EA to display their attendance at the party. img_0195
The sale starts today, and runs through the 8th, so for whole six days you’ll have your chance to snag some of these price slashes. I know there has also got to be someone out there thinking the same thing I am at this very moment; Why…. in the bloody hell is Need For Speed Shift on the optimized list and Need For Speed Most Wanted isn’t? Not sure who decided the older and less fun NFS title was the way to go in terms of showing off new android tablet gaming prowess, but they made a mistake. Hopefully, for the sake of the lovely people (me included) who have already purchased this game on older devices, EA will make a move to add this title to the optimized game list. As of now Google Play says my new nexus 7 is incompatible with Most Wanted. What are some of the games you’d like to see EA optimize for the new nexus 7? I know there a few of their games that would look really damn sexy on this display.