Droid Weekly 8/18/13: Nexus 10, Nexus 7, AT&T, Google Play Store and More


The New Motorola Skip is a $20 NFC Clip for your Moto X that Unlocks your Device

If you're one of those that's planning on picking up the Moto X in the next few weeks, there's a new accessory for the Moto X (that's available for AT&T customers for free) that will unlock your device via NFC. To me it's mostly for people to lazy to unlock their phone. Read More

AT&T Wins a JD Power Award for "Wireless Purchase Experience" T-Mobile comes in Last Place



This week, we learned that AT&T won yet another JD Power award. This time it was for the wireless purchase experience according to its customers. It was a very close race, with AT&T only being 14 points above the rest of the competition on a 1000-point scale. Read More

Google+ Android App Updated with Google Drive Access and Bids Farewell to Messenger


This week, Google+ updated their Android app with some cool new features. Making the app hit version 4.1. There is now no longer a messenger icon, instead we're left with just Hangouts. All we can say is, it's about time. Read More


Google Play Store Updating to Version 4.3.11 – Get Your APK Here


Google started pushing out an update to Google Play to address the "Package File Invalid" error that was plaguing just about all of us. It's now sitting at version 4.3.11 and we've got the APK if you need it. Read More

Nexus 7 Sleeve Hits Google Play in the US and Canada

Nexus Cover


It's a miracle, we've got Nexus 7 accessories less than 6 months after its launch. Sure they aren't the best looking accessories, or the cheapest but we have a sleeve. Read More

Nexus 10 Not Support in AOSP for Android 4.3, Due to a Graphics Driver from Samsung


More AOSP drama this week. As we've learned that the Nexus 10 (manta) isn't yet supported in AOSP for Android 4.3 because it's missing a graphics driver. This time, Samsung is the culprit and not Qualcomm. Read More