Droid Daily 8/12/13: Swiftkey Beta, Blackberry Messenger, Crossbow and More


Nexus 10 Still Doesn't have Android 4.3 AOSP Support

Following last week's drama with the new Nexus 7 not having factory images. It appears that the Nexus 10 doesn't have AOSP support yet for Android 4.3 either. It appears that the culprit is a graphics driver, which puts the burden on Samsung's shoulder.

LG Injures 20 people at G2 Promo Event



On Monday, LG held a promotional event for their brand new G2 which they announced last Wednesday. During the event they shot twenty bystanders with BB guns. Guess things didn't go as planned for LG this morning.

Swiftkey Cloud Beta Bumped up to v4.2.0.115


On Monday, Swiftkey bumped their newest beta, Swiftkey Cloud Beta, to version It has a pretty lengthy changelog as well:


Full changelog and known issues for


  • Now possible to personalize from a second Gmail account before personalizing from an earlier one has finished
  • Fix for crash when starting Gmail personalization
  • Increased responsiveness of Flow predictions (this should reduce the likelihood of the flowed word prediction changing right at the last second)
  • Handcent and Hangout Emoji entry fixed
  • Language models no longer backed up via Android back up if you have SwiftKey Cloud backup and sync enabled (this should save on network and battery usage)
  • Further fixes for crashes in the Cloud preferences
  • Disabled predictions in Pleco where requested
  • Removed SwiftKey account details from the Android Settings, as these were confusing when you had multiple installs side-by-side

Hyetis Crossbow is a Swiss Smartwatch



There's been a lot of talk of smartwatches lately. This one is a Swiss smartwatch called the Hyetis Crossbow. It features a 41MP camera. Take that Nokia PureView! It also costs a whopping $1,200. It would be cool to have a 41MP shooter on your wrist though.

Fake Blackberry Messenger app Hits the Play Store


As we await the official Blackberry Messenger release on Android and iOS, there are plenty of fake ones cropping up on Google Play. Today, another one hit the Play Store. Make sure you avoid it. If you see any Blackberry Messenger apps in the Play Store, don't download it unless we say it's safe. Deal?