CyanogenROM Downloader Brings Automatic Updates, Backups and More

Are you running CyanogenMod and tired of having to manually backup your ROM and then flash the new ROM?  Want an easier solution that'll automatically backup your current ROM and keep it up to date, even with the latest nightly builds?  CyanogenROM Updater is the app you're looking for, and it comes in free ad-supported and paid ad-free flavors for your enjoyment.  If this sounds familiar there's a good reason for that.  Developer Paolino Alessandro posted on Google+ just 4 days ago that there would be a significant update coming to the CyanogenMod updater in the form of a more automated solution, and today we have that solution in hand.

As you can see from the screenshots on my Galaxy Nexus, CyanogenROM Updater uses a clean Holo-light theme and has a simple, coherent user interface.  The opening screen shows you the current build and changelog, and gives you the option to both check previous builds and the changelog for upcoming builds.  The changelog is super easy to read, unlike many other changelogs out there in the wild which can be convoluted and difficult to understand.  Clicking any one line on the changelog brings you to the official CyanogenMod changelog site and gives more details on that specific change.  Once you check for the latest nightly update the bottom at the bottom turns into a "download/flash" button that'll automatically go through the update process, a la the official CyanogenMod updater that's been built into CyanogenMod for quite a while now.

What sets CyanogenROM Updater apart is the settings menu and features that are apart of that menu, which you can see above.  You can set the release schedule to check nightly, monthly, or only for release candidates or stable builds.  Depending on how willing you are to endure any possible bugs, nightlies will of course keep you as updated as possible, downloading the latest build nearly every night of the week, as long as there are new builds of course.  Following down the line the app will let you choose to only download on WiFi if you have a limited data plan, as well as schedule the time that the app will check for updates.  If you use a custom kernel on your phone you can select an additional zip file to flash which will flash after the ROM update.  This is a great feature as usually you would have to manually flash your custom kernel every single time you updated your ROM in the past.

Following that there are options for choosing a specific version of Google Apps, where you would like to store the downloads on your internal or SD card storage, and a number of other social networking and informational links at the bottom.  If you're manually downloading the update you'll even find that you can update straight from the notification bar once the download is complete, keeping things as convenient and quick as possible.  Testing it for myself for the first time was successful and hassle free, and this appears to be an excellent alternative to the official CyanogenMod Updater that's built into CyanogenMod.  If you aren't familiar with CyanogenMod, you might want to read up a little more on what it is and how to install it on your phone before attempting to use this app.  As always be extra careful when flashing nightly builds, as they are known to break things without warning.  In fact that's just where those automated backups come in handy.

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