Could I Have One TV and Smartphone With my Slurpee, Please: 7-Eleven Teams up With Foxconn for Devices

7 11 Slurpee

Talk about one-stop shopping at 7-Eleven Stores – over in Taiwan, they have sold over 10,000 big screen TVs in a sales partnership agreement with Hon Hai Precision Industry, the company that owns Foxconn, where they assemble Apple’s iPhone and iPads. The President Chain Store Corp, the operator of the 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan, said they might further their relationship with Hon Hai and add smartphones and tablets to their menu at the convenience store, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Hon Hai has made it quite clear that they want to diversify beyond building Apple products, as they need to rely less on Apple’s business and build an electronics base for themselves, first jumping into the TV business in 2008 and since then expanding their operations through deals at Sony and Sharp. Sources also claim that Apple is also dipping into the TV market as they work with Asian suppliers to test several TV designs.

7-11 Hon Hai Plant

Capital Securities Analyst, Diana Wu, is following the situation and said:

The main reason behind Hon Hai’s effort to make more large-screen TVs through partnerships with new brand customers is to find outlets for Sharp’s large panels made in the Sakai plant. I believe that Hon Hai wants to prove to Sharp that it can help turn around the Japanese company’s operation, hoping Sharp would welcome Hon Hai’s stake investment ultimately.

The TVs are actually 7-Eleven branded and can be purchased directly on the 7-Eleven website or at one of the more than 4800 store locations in Taiwan. They offer three models that all come with links to the 7-Eleven online store and Facebook:

  • 40-inch for US$430
  • 60-inch for US$1,333
  • 70-inch for US$2,336

7-11 TVs

Hon Hai only stated that they are pleased with the added sales, but disclosed no exact sales figures. Analyst say that the low priced, large screen TVs will pose no threat to the likes of Sharp and Sony, as the higher-end TVs have more sophisticated components and software.

A Slurpee, hotdog, and big screen TV, does it get any better in life?