Chinese Company Puts 5,000 mAh Battery Inside a Smartphone

August 8, 2013 - Written By Lucian Armasu

Well this happened. While companies like LG and Motorola are patting themselves on the back for putting 3,000-3,500 mAh batteries inside their phones, according to the Chinese website MTKSJ a Chinese company managed to put a 5,000 mAh battery inside a 5.5″ smartphone (or rather phablet, like the Galaxy Note 2), that is thinner than 9mm. So who says you have to make thick phones if you put very large batteries inside?

Now, the real question is will this lead to better battery life – which is really what we care about, and not just a higher battery number. It’s disappointing to see companies put bigger and bigger batteries in smartphones with each new generation, and yet we are still not getting much better battery life with new generations. It was just 2-3 years ago when we were using batteries that were half as big as the batteries we see today. and the phones lasted about as long. So what’s happening?

The problem is the OEM’s follow market demands, and the market demand right now is faster and faster processors, and higher and higher resolution displays. Each generation of processors or displays may get more efficient, as the technology itself, but when you also ramp up the clock speed as much as you can, and double the number of pixels for the screen every year, then those efficiency improvements get canceled out, or worse – the phones consume more power overall.


Until we start asking OEM’s to actually make “battery life” their #1 priority in a smartphone, bigger batteries will not help, because their #1 priorities remain to beat the competition in benchmarks and specs, so you won’t see more smartphones that start lasting 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, and so on. If you really want to see that from smartphones, then ask OEM’s to make that their priority, instead of just putting bigger (and more expensive) batteries inside, that just end up compensating for other power consuming specs, and aren’t really helping to increase the battery life.

One other problem with bigger batteries, besides making phones more expensive (like the Droid Maxx), is that they’re slower to charge, so that will be a frustrating problem with phones with bigger batteries.  This is why companies need to focus first and foremost on battery life, and not on big battery sizes.

Fortunately, the Chinese company making this ChangHong Z9 smartphone seems to be thinking like that, and will “only” use a 720p screen and a very efficient quad core Cortex A7 chip from Mediatek. That should help with actually making the battery life of the phone bigger, and not just the battery size.