CEO Says Aereo TV App to Launch on Android in September


You might not be familiar with a company named Aereo – it is a New York City based technology company, launched in February 2012 and back by Barry Diller. Aereo allows subscribers to view live TV as well as time-shift programs you can store on a "DVR Cloud." Once in the cloud you can watch them on your PC and soon your Android tablet or smartphone.

It really is a simple process. TV signals are broadcast over the airwaves, captured by your antenna that is in the cloud and connected to DVRs and superfast internet connections. Once captured in the cloud you can watch your shows on any compatible device and that includes smartphones, tablets, or computer. Android devices were not included as a "compatible," but all of that should change in September according to Aereo founder and CEO Chet Kanojia when they finally release their Android App.

Aereo Antenna
Aereo Antenna

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times (IBT), Mr. Kanojia said he had hoped to roll out the Android app last summer, which has a larger market share than Apple, which already has an Aereo app, but it just did not happen. He said it will be sometime in September, but would not give an exact date. The service has expanded rapidly over the past year where it went from New York City, Boston, Atlanta, and Utah to nearly two dozen cities east of Denver.

Apparently, it is also very profitable only charging $8 -$12 per month. Mr. Kanojia, speaking at a startup entrepreneur event in Manhattan said:

One million subscribers would be "fabulous," and 5 million would be "extremely fabulous." Ten million? Oh my god, what will I do now?" — because, he said, a few hundred thousand registered users is all his company needs to turn a profit.


Aereo Feature

When you subscribe to Aereo, you can watch:

Major Networks



Syndicated Programs and Movies

Movies!, ION, Cozi TV, MyNetworkTV, ThisTV, AntennaTV, and Bounce TV

Lifestyle & Local Interest

ION Life, Livewell, NYC Life, NYC Gov, and CUNY TV

Children's Programming

PBS Kids & Qubo


Home Shopping


Spanish Language – Six channels included

Asian Languages – Four channels included

Sounds like a good deal, especially being able to time-shift your programming. Does Aereo sound like a service you would be interested in giving a try.